Core Groups

We believe that transformation happens most often in relationships.  While Jesus spent time addressing the masses, the vast majority of His time was spent with small groups of intimate friends.  While we have a slew of big events and programs every year at The House, we think Core Groups are...well, core to who we are.  If we could have students participate in just one thing while in college, this is what we would push. 

“Real Life in Jesus Christ” is a sort of slogan that gets thrown around here a lot.  We think this happens in Core Groups.  We want to see real, authentic, vulnerable relationships be had around the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. The impetus we place on Core Groups is obvious when you realize that we have 65 Core groups, and over 300 students, meeting throughout the city of Chattanooga and, if you are a student, we would love to find a Core Group for you.

You have the opportunity to find a number of thematic and topical studies in churches and other organizations.  We see the value in these and offer them sporadically throughout the year as well.  But we believe it is vital that you have a safe space, with loving friends, to talk about your questions, discover answers, and walk with each other through the seasons of your life. 

So what exactly is a Core Group?  4-5 students of the same sex & same age meeting with a leader from this city.  You commit to spending 2 hours per week together with your time divided into sharing, praying, and studying. 

That’s it!  When you meet, what you study, how your time is organized... all of that is up to your group.  We want to lean on the leadership of the Holy Spirit when you get together.  Our hope is that with just a few specific parameters, these groups will allow enough freedom to take on the identities they need to for each particular group. 

Want to sign up for one?  Contact Jason or fill out our Contact Form


If you are interested in leading a Core Group (click on image to the right), contact Jason or check out our Core Group Leader Packet for more information